Gussie's busy restaurant in the evening with a view of a dining room
Framed picture of Grandma Gussie at her restaurant

My Grandma Gussie

She Loved to Cook

That’s an understatement: cooking was, to her, a form of love. Sometimes it was in her restaurant, feeding up the people of Iron Mountain, Michigan. Sometimes it was in her kitchen, cooking the flavors of her native Italy for friends and family.

But no matter what, there was always one special ingredient.


What I learned from cooking Sunday dinner with her is the heart of Gussie’s. Cooking is how I express my love for people. When people gather at Gussie’s, they’re friends and family. We hope you love our food as much as we do. We’re excited to have you share a meal with us.

— David, Proprietor, Gussie’s Handmade Italian

Gussie's Spahetti Carbonara

Authentic. Fresh.
Unexpected Italian.

What do you get when you eat at Gussie’s?

The freshest ingredients. Traditional Italian pastas, made daily. A curated, affordable winelist. Craft cocktails. A new take on classic dishes. Comfortable Italian that’s never old-fashioned.

Fresh, authentic flavors done in ways that are always unexpected. We want you to be comfortable and always happily surprised.

Gussie's Affogato

North Avenue Italian.
From All Over Italy.

David learned from his great aunts, and from multiple trips to Italy.

He traveled around the country, eating in some of the best restaurants, the most out-of-the-way local places, and of course, people’s kitchens. He brought flavors back with him. He brought recipes. And he made them into something new.

Relatives. Chefs. Homes of friends. Everywhere, there were people who loved making food for others. And that love is what David brings to Gussie’s.

Martini being poured

Your Neighborhood Restaurant That

Feels Like Home

What kind of restaurants do you like? Local favorites, family Sunday dinner spots, places near Chicago institutions like Second City?

We’re all of that. Your go-to for affordable chef-driven meals and memorable nights. Our cozy atmosphere combines the charm of a friend’s dinner table with the excitement of date night. We’re the neighborhood spot that feels like home and we can’t wait to feed you.

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Back of staff's shirt that reads, "Love, Piccolo, Love."
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